What are the benefits of using a solar powered cell phone charger

What are the benefits of using a solar powered cell phone charger?

A solar battery charger is a device that can charge your phone using solar power.

When using a solar phone charger it does not require any other power source. All it takes is sunlight. So we can get a lot of benefits from using a solar power charger.

How solar-powered cell phone charger works?

This charger has a solar panel that receives sunlight and converts it into a direct current (DC).

You  need  direct current to charge your phone so you can charge your phone using  the direct current produced by solar panels without any hassle.

Also, some solar chargers comes with a battery like a power bank, which can be considered an added advantage. If your solar charger has a battery installed in it, you can use it to charge your phone at night and on rainy days when there is no sunlight.

What are the benefits of using a solar-powered cell phone charger?

There are several benefits you can get by using a solar phone charger. Its main advantage is that you do not need any external power source to recharge your phone battery. We can get sunlight during the day time, it only needs sunlight to charge your phone battery.

1.Clean Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is a renewable 100% pure eco-friendly energy. Using solar power we can reduce environmental pollution.

Generally coal, oil, and other natural energy are used to generate electricity. The use of these fossil fuels contributes to environmental pollution as well as global warming. But the fact that no other fuel is required for solar power generation does not cause any environmental pollution.

Noise pollution is also minimized by not installing large machines to generate solar power.

  1. Ability to charge your phone where electricity is difficult to obtain

When you go on a picnic, hike, or camp in the woods, your phone battery will almost certainly die. Then there is no way to charge it. Then you will have to face various problems. But you can charge your phone without any difficulty if you have  a solar charger.

  1. Using a solar-powered charger can optimize phone battery lifespan

By using solar energy to charge your battery you can increase your battery life. The electricity you supplied from the grid is an alternative current (AC). It always fluctuates between high energy and low energy. If you charge your battery using the power supplied by the grid first you have to convert an alternative current (AC) to a direct current (DC) by using the charger. But by this conversion, we can not get a constant steady supply of direct current (DC).

By using a solar panel you get steady direct current (DC) which is called pure direct current (DC). This pure direct current steadily keeps the battery charging. It helps to increase battery life compare to the power supplied by the grid.

This happens because a steady direct current (DC) prevent full discharge of the battery. As full discharging of the battery strain the battery, each cycle of full discharge decreases the battery life. This affects lead-acid batteries only. Lithium batteries are not affected by this.

  1. Less Maintenance

Solar powered cell phone charger does not require maintenance as it does not have a circuit like a standard mobile charger. The only thing you need to do is keep the solar panel clean. (But you should buy a genuine product)

If you charge your phone using a standard phone charger, your circuitry may be damaged and your phone may be damaged as a result. This is because a standard phone charger converts alternative current (AC) into direct current (DC) to charge the phone battery as mentioned before. But by using a solar charger it will not harm your mobile device at all. It’s because solar charger always supplies direct current (DC) only.

  1. Reliability

It does not charge by converting to an alternative current like a standard mobile charger. A solar charger provides 12 volts of current, which is usually less than 30 amps.

Therefore, even in the event of power leakage, it will not damage the  device or the user. So it is safe and reliable to use.

  1. Reduce the electricity bill

This is another advantage you get. If you charge your phone using a standard charger, it consumes electricity. Such a small unit of electricity will increase your electricity bill from huge amount. So it is a good idea to reduce your electricity bills in every possible way and get used to using a clean energy source.

  1. No energy production cost

If solar power is used, it does not cost any man made energy, so the energy production cost is zero. The only factor it needs is sunlight, which is free for everyone. But when you use electricity from the grid, it needs an external man made power source to generate it so you have to pay for it.

But there is a cost involved in purchasing this. It can be described as an investment. This is because it does not require any subsequent costs. It is also a profitable eco-friendly investment.

Is there have any disadvantage of using a solar-powered cell phone charger?

Despite the availability of solar-powered chargers in the market, many people do not use it. That is another question that arises for you. There are several reasons for this.

Expensive than the standard charger

One of the main reasons for this is that your standard charger is cheaper than this charger. Despite the advantages of technology, people are still tempted to buy cheap or inexpensive things. So these solar chargers are not widely used by people  because of this reason.

Solar power depends on the weather

The sunlight is mandatory to use a solar charger. May be difficult to use on rainy days or in winter. But if you use a standard charger it does not depend on the weather and you can use it to charge your phone using home electricity in any weather condition.

Ignorance of technology

It can also be caused by people’s fear of technology and lack of knowledge. People will be reluctant to use technology without using it before. So it often takes time for people to reach out to new technology.

More time takes to charge

Another disadvantage is that it takes longer to charge your phone. If you are using a low-quality solar charger it may take longer to fully charge your phone than it would with your standard charger. Therefore always use a genuine solar charger to charge your phone fast.

NOTE – If you are thinking of buying a solar charger, always try to buy a high-quality charger. You can avoid some above disadvantages by using a good charger even if it costs more than low quality charger. If you use a good solar charger, you can charge your phone faster on normal sunny days, and also as an extra advantage, you can charge your phone on rainy day or winter season.

Do you need direct sunlight to charge your phone through the solar charger?

It depends on the quality of the charger you buy.

If you are buying high quality and efficient charger, you can definitely use it even in low sunlight. But if you spend less money and buy a lower quality solar charger, it may need Direct solar light.

However, the solar charger works at maximum efficiency in a place where there is good sunlight. This is because it is designed to be portable so it is difficult to attach a large solar panel to it. But if you use a solar charger that is large in size and efficiency, you can still charge your phone well even in low sunlight.

Some solar chargers install rechargeable a battery like a power bank. If the charger has installed a battery, you can use it to charge your phone in a place where there is no sunlight or even at night.

Can we charge the power bank using this solar cell phone charger?

Yes, your power bank is equipped with a battery. Therefore, to charge the power bank we need direct current (DC) just like the mobile phone. The charger that comes with charging the power bank is just like the standard phone charger. It converts the alternative current (AC) you get from your home into direct current (DC) to charges your power bank.

Solar panels generate pure direct current (DC). So you can charge your power bank using a solar charger without any hassle and damage. When using solar power it produces pure direct current (DC) without any oscillations so as mentioned above you can extend the life of your phone as well as your power bank.

How can we choose the best solar cell phone charger?

You can find it online.

The best way you can find it is to browse the internet and find it. So we can buy it from using people’s experience (reviews) and by looking at efficiency.

But if you going to buy it from physical shops, you can only see the exterior of the product. So It is not possible to know the experience and efficiency of the product. So it is wise to buy such a technical item by using the internet.

The best solar charger for adventure trip or camper

If you are going on an adventure or camping, the solar charger that suits you is BigBlue’s (On our Personal Experience). This is because it can charge your phone even when you are in a low sunlight area. It is made up of several panels and is enough to charge your phone more than once.

The best solar charger for use in normal life

X-Dragon is the best solar charger for charging your phone in your daily life(On our Personal Experience). This is because it is easy to carry and can be purchased at a relatively low price. But it’s not powerful enough to use for camping or other adventure trips.

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